•  Gumleaf Boots


Tested Over 1 Million Flexes Without Cracking

Gumleaf USA boots are made from 85% natural rubber which is why they can flex over 1,000,000 times without a crack. Competitive brands use between 25% and 50% rubber mixed with plastics and synthetics, so you’ll buy several pairs of their models to equal one pair of Gumleaf USA boots. Comfort, durability, and quality are the hallmark of Gumleaf USA boots.

All Day Comfort

Innovative design and impeccable quality creates boots comfortable enough for all-day wear in any terrain. Gumleaf USA boots blend stitched neoprene sock liners with soles smoothed with hot irons, multiple inner sole layers, and a deep-tred, air-cushioned inner sole liner. Focus on your activity and not on your feet.

100% Waterproof

Launch boats, walk through streams, or just laugh at the rain. Gumleaf USA’s handmade boots are made from one piece rubber sheets containing 85% natural rubber. Roller-defined seams, full gussets, rolled zip seams, and reinforced back-trims are baked for two hours in an autoclave to create a comfortable, attractive, and totally waterproof boot.

Customer Review:

“BTW, I gotta thank you. Bought those Gumleaf boots last Christmas off your recommendation. Have wore them all season thus far, they are the most comfortable boot.  I’ve been very happy with them.  👍”  – Troy A.