AMONG THE ASPENS Stolen Moments in Secret Coverts


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Among the Aspens is the latest collection of essays on the outdoors from acclaimed nature and outdoor writer Thomas Carney. Culled from fifteen years of his award-winning “Tailfeathers” column in The Upland Almanac quarterly magazine, each of the thirty-nine pieces has been reworked, renewed and “remastered” to offer readers a fresh taste of the classic bird hunting themes Tom joyously explores. Come along as he shares both his sense of humor about his own exploits and capabilities and his sense of wonder, awe, love and respect for those elements of the upland gunning experience that draw bird hunters to the fields – season, upon season, upon season.

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About The Author

Thomas Carney is a Michigan-based writer. During a career spanning over thirty-five years, he has presented readers with award winning books, essays, humor, both newspaper and magazine columns, photography, news, analysis, features, science and nature writing, and investigative reporting. Tom lives near Grand Rapids with his beautiful wife, Maureen, and their two setters, Abbey the Irish red and white and Lizzy the Llewellin.