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Muskegon River

Updated: June 23, 2017  (8:30am)
River Level: 8.29 ft
Water Temp: 67° F
Wading Information: Difficult to wade
Clarity: Stained

Fishing Information: The Muskegon is currently flowing 5860 cfs or 8.29 ft on the gauge.
Currently the graph is climbing vertically up and is beginning to have some stain.  This large increase in flow is due to this mornings rain.
Wading will be tough at this level, but boat anglers have plenty of flow to navigate.
Caddis have been hatching as well as ISO.  Smallmouth fishing is picking up as well.


Fly Suggestions:
Caddis  (size 16-19)
ISO dry patterns  (size 10-12)
Blue Wing Olives (size 18-20)
Assorted Nymphs  (size 16-20)
Streamers  (size 4-8)

Rogue River

Updated: June 23, 2017  (9am)
River Level: 5.11 ft 
Water Temp: 69° F
Wading Information: Wadable with care
Clarity: Heavily Stained

Fishing Information: The Rogue is flowing at 390 cfs and 5.11 height level.  

The river is rising again after the storms of early this morning.  The river has dropped into a wadable level with care, but is heavily stained again.  It looks as if it will be subsurface opportunities at best.  Streamers and nymphs are your best bet.


Fly Suggestions:
Caddis   (size 16-18)
Brown Drake Spinners (size 10)
Hexes – the bigger, the better
Nymphs  (size 14-20)
Streamers – black, olive brown  (size 4-8)

Flat River

Updated: June 23, 2017  (9am)
River Level: 5.28 ft
Water Temp: 69° F
Wading Information: Wadable with care
Clarity: Stained

Fishing Information: The Flat is at 5.28 height level. 

The Flat is climbing at this time, due to the mornings rain.  Smallmouth fishing has been consistent.  Streamers are the game this weekend with the Flat’s level and clarity.


Fly Suggestions:
Streamers & popping bugs   (size 6-10)